• Five Out and About

An overnight stay in Canberra for just us mums!

Mum life can be exhausting so myself and my good friend Gemma decided we would go away even if it was just for one night!

Our plan was to shop, eat, chill and sleep. I think we definitely did that well (especially the eating part)😂.

The hotel we stayed in was the Quest Canberra City Walk. I am so happy with our choice!

If your looking for a hotel that is close to Canberra Centre, then you can't go wrong with this hotels convenient location!

If your in the correct part of Canberra Centre, you only have to cross one road to get to the hotel. We parked at Canberra Centre's rooftop parking overnight as the hotels parking was full but this was no problem as we only wanted to park, shop, eat and go to the hotel anyways. The price to park at the Rooftop is quite cheap and is open 24 hours so its handy to know that is an option if you need it.

Our room catered to all our needs including the important things like Netflix 💁‍♀️. Comfort is always a necessity when having a night away without the kids and the Quest definitely achieved that with the super comfy bed. The bathroom was also nice and it had a big shower which was another win. I would love to come back here and stay with the family!

Now lets talk about dinner....we had this pre-booked knowing it would be super busy on the night. We had also chosen this restaurant at least 6 weeks before going 😂.

How does an 11 course dinner at a Japanese Restaurant sound?

Sounds like heaven doesn't it?

Raku was everything we wanted and more!

They seated us at the bar (I know this doesn't sound great) but it was the perfect seat! Not only was the drink service quicker, we also had a great view of the chefs creating all the amazing raw dishes.

The service all together at Raku was incredible and super fast. Every single dish was served with impeccable presentation and had an abundance of flavour.

The Had San's Tasting Menu began with Merimbula Rock Oysters and finished with some delicious Toasted sesame ice cream.

I could go on and on and on about how amazing the food was!

I can not fault Raku at all and I will definitely be back 👏.

We booked The Riddle Room for Sunday for something fun to do before we headed home. I have wanted to try it for a while ever since a friend recommended it to me. It was SO MUCH FUN! If you haven't heard of The Riddle Room before, it is a place with a few different escape rooms. You can choose which one you want to do based on how many people you are with. We did the Nightmare room!

I have no photos as phones or cameras were not allowed in with you which initially I was bummed about but now I realise why you cannot take them in. Don't want to spoil the surprise of it!

We escaped the Nightmare Room with a very small amount of time to spare but I am quite pleased with how well we did considering there were only two of us! The puzzles were challenging and they all worked in different ways. Who ever came up with them is a genius! The whole experience was incredible and I cannot wait to do it again. I highly recommend it!

We drove home after that and talked about how fun it was.

The weekend was so nice even though it was just one night away. Everyone needs to take time out whether that is a night away, lunch with a friend or walk by yourself. Just do it! 😊