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A week in Bali with kids: What we did & where we stayed.

Bali feels like a second home to us. This holiday was the 4th time we have visited since Sam and I first went with friends when we were 18 years old.

There is no doubt we will be back for a 5th, 6th, 7th and 50th time...

We booked for wet season and have never done that before so I was prepared for at least half of the week to be raining but we got lucky! Just one and a half days of rain which made for a nice cooler change.


We stayed at a pool Villa in Seminyak for 8 nights. It was a perfect amount of time to stay.

Many mornings, afternoons and nights were spent swimming in the pool. I saw a big improvement in the kids swimming while we were there. It was our first time staying in a private Villa instead of a resort/hotel. We loved it! We had a maid who came and cooked breakfast every morning (parents heaven!)

The pool with a toddler was a bit hard as we had a fence separating the living area and the pool however Dominic could get out from the sides. I have to watch him a lot normally so it didn't seem like heaps more hassle than at home it just made me a bit more vigilant.

It was so nice to have our own space.


This time around I researched some different activities to do as a family that were indoors in case of rain but I also wanted to do one that Sam and I did on our first Bali holiday which was Bali Safari & Marine Park.

Bali Safari & Marine Park

The kids told me this was the best thing we did! I think Dom would agree it seemed he had so much fun!

It isn't the cheapest day out but for us it was worth every cent!

Our Zoo adventure started with the marine life in the aquarium, the kids absolutely loved seeing real piranhas. I wish we didn't miss the feeding session, that would of been extra cool to see! 🐟

The turtles were a hit with the kids too. Who doesn't love to see cute turtles? 🐢

We arrived at the zoo late morning so we quickly went to the Elephant Conservation Show as we did not want to miss it and it was included in our package (Jungle Hopper). The show was informative and fun to watch although I am not sure that our kids really understood it but they were still entertained.

Tip: If your wanting a seat, you have to get there earlier. I am not sure how much earlier as we arrived just on time and had to stand at a fence but we could all see it fine.

Just before the very end of the show we hurried off to have an earlier lunch before seeing all the animals. Uma Restaurant is huge and caters to all (well I think so). You have to put money onto a card specifically for food and drinks and then choose from the variety of cuisines. If you haven't used all your money from the card, you simply go back and they give you the remaining money in cash.

After lunch we wandered around some enclosures, fed elephants (only $5 AUD for a basket of food!) and hopped onto the Safari bus.

Now this was a fun experience!

We have never been on a real Safari Journey before so this is as good as it gets for now. A proper one is on my bucket list :)

A tour guide stands at the front of the bus telling you the 'Country' you are entering based on the animals in that area. She told us some great facts about each type of animal, some of which I knew but most I didn't!

It was very fun driving through water to some of the areas and being able to get very close to a certain predator. One of my favourite animals. Check out the photos below!

Off the Safari bus we went with a head full of new information. Next stop was the petting zoo.

Dom fell asleep during the Safari ride so unfortunately he missed out on this part which would of been right up his alley. The other two ended up not being as interested in patting the animals like I thought they would although they still liked to see them all. There were many animals, a few we have seen many times as they can be pets but the ones that stood out were the tortoises.

I don't know what it is about them but I just love them!

We finished the petting zoo and headed to the Waterpark to cool down.

I will just put it out there that Amelia and Wyatt have been scared of water slides and those dumping buckets for a long time. Bali did something to them...their confidence was boosted because as soon as they changed into their swimmers, they were onto those water slides without any hesitation. They even went down big slides! Sam and I were so proud of them and we are so happy that they finally realise how fun water slides can be! Dominic had a blast just splashing around and going down water slides with Mum and Dad.

After lots of swimming we had afternoon tea and watched the Animal Presentation. This show was excellent. It was incredible to see how smart the animals are and what they are capable of learning.

Next stop...our Villa 😴

The Big Garden Corner

The Big Garden Corner was the first stop we made on the day of going to Bali Safari & Marine Park. I had seen various posts on Facebook about this place and wanted to go for a long time. I added it to the list of places to visit for our trip.

It was half way between our Villa in Seminyak and the Zoo so it was easy to tick off the list.

We walked along the paved paths and admired the displays of statues. My favourite display was the elephants made from cans that had been collected from tourists over a whole year. Amazing work!

One of my favourite things I really love about Bali is the various statues displayed all around.

We made a cool discovery this trip that we never noticed before, a HUGE statue like really really really BIG!

I asked a Balinese person what it was and they told me what it was called but of course couldn't remember the name so I did some research when we were back in Australia.

This particular one is of the Hindu God Lord Vishnu riding a Garuda bird (mythical). It is the World's second largest statue, standing at 121 metres high and an impressive 64 metres wide!!!

If your after an outing that's calm and beautiful, then the Big Garden Corner is one to do!

So much beauty at this place!

Upside Down World

I had seen someone's photo from an Upside Down World in a different country and thought how cool it would be to go to one someday.

When I researched family friendly activities in Bali before we left for our holiday, Upside Down World came up. We had to do it!

It was busy when we arrived so waiting for our turn took around 30 minutes but it was worth the wait and its a good priced activity. I tried to take a photo in the first room as I thought we did it ourselves but one minute later an employee asked for my camera and showed us how to pose. The staff were all super friendly and helpful. They took great photos and showed us each one to make sure we liked them. It took a few photos for the kids to understand exactly what we were trying to achieve as it can be hard for them to comprehend because everything is on the ceiling!

They had a lot of fun. At the end you can purchase some photos that the staff had taken on their camera but we didn't feel the need to spend any more money as we already had heaps of photos on my camera.

Our taxi driver waited for us at no extra charge except the cost to go back to our Villa or wherever we wanted. They know its on a very busy road so you don't have much of a chance to get a taxi that doesn't already have people in it and they know they won't find many customers along there. Win win for everyone.

Dream Museum Zone Bali (DMZ)

So many beautiful paintings to get creative with!

I had never heard of this place until I researched what to do in Bali. It had amazing reviews so It couldn't hurt to try it. I love trying out places you never here of. Hidden gems they are!

We were so excited the moment we went in. We arrived at opening time on a rainy morning and luckily had no wait time. On the walls there were photos of how you could pose but 99% of the time, a staff member came and showed you and took the photos just like at Upside Down World. You really do look like your in the painting!

To be honest my kids can get over me taking photos sometimes so I was a little bit worried about going here as there were so many paintings! Once they realised how cool it was to 'be in a painting', they happily went along with it and even wanted to take more than I did! We did so many but still didn't do every single one.

It was the perfect outing on a rainy day :)


Nalu Bowls - Canggu &

We had Nalu Bowls in Canggu on one of our kidless days which was spent searching for good surf, eating, getting a massage and caring for my scooter burn 🤣.

We had heard great things about Nalu Bowls but I thought how good can smoothie bowls really be? Well it lived up to the expectation! They are soooo yummy! The bonus is they are super healthy and you can add toppings at a small extra cost onto the bowl you have chosen.

On our second (and last) kidless day, we had Nalu Bowls again but this time in Seminyak.

They did not disappoint. Same quality as in Canggu. The bowls were so delicious that we had to go back again! So on our last day in Bali, we took the kids for smoothie bowls and waffles (at the Shelter Cafe, above Nalu Bowls in Seminyak). 🤤

Sea Circus - Seminyak

So thankful for Instagram 🤣 A lot of our food choices came from me following many cafes and listing the ones I had to try. Sea Circus was one of them and what a good choice it was. The food was fresh and delicious. I wish we ate here a second time but there is always a next time!

Mozzarella - Seminyak

No photo of this one as we scoffed it down 🤣 We ordered this by Go Jek meaning it was delivered to our door. Go Jek is something I will go into more when I write a tips styled Bali blog post. We have actually eaten in the restaurant twice before but not during this trip.

Their menu has a great variety which ranges from soups, pasta, poultry, other meat and much more.

Its beautifully cooked and so tasty.

Kunti II - Kuta

If you love sushi and sashimi you must go here. You probably would never know about it if you haven't heard about it from me or someone else. Its in a small street off a very busy one so you probably don't have a big chance of ever discovering it yourself.

Our order always contains a platter of Sushi and a platter of Sashimi. I am so glad our kids eat pretty much everything because it allows us to take them to places like this to eat and they enjoy it. Trying to eat with chopsticks always enhances the experience

🤣 We will be back again!

Here is a screenshot of google maps so you can find it.

If you ask your driver to drop you off at the Ground Zero Memorial or a hotel nearby, you can walk to it.

That just about sums up the majority of our trip. I hope you enjoyed this post and now have some ideas for a future trip to Bali.

Happy Travels! 💚