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'Old Blotchy' the VERY BIG Gum Tree, a sight you have to see!

A Spotted Gum Tree that stands out from the forest of its fellow Gum Tree relatives.

A tree so BIG that it makes your average Aussie Gum tree look like a twig (okay that was a little exaggerated but its big!).

Between Ulladulla and Batemans Bay NSW, 'Old Blotchy' is found in the Murramarang National Park just a little distance from Termeil.

According to the National Register of Big Trees in 2008, the Spotted Gum Tree stands at 59 Metres high and has a circumference of 10 metres.

It is believed to be 500 years old and grows at a rate of half a centimetre per year so since 2008, it has grown more!

Big tree in Murramarang National Park

On 28/10/2018 we visited the tree for the second time this year. Our first time was in February, it took us a little while to locate it as I couldn't find any proper directions until I come across the National Register of Big Trees website.

There is a link under the coordinates that will open up the actual location on google maps!

My children loved the little forest walk on the way there. Its short so little ones who don't last long on bush walks will be fine!

Dominic loved exploring the forest floor...

Forest exploring

What is lovely about this tree is that no-one has vandalised it except for some people carving their names etc into it which there still isn't many that I noticed. I know a lot of beautiful places/structures get destroyed by vandalism 😢 so its just extra nice to see that everyone who visits the tree, respects it.🌳😊

Even no rubbish found in the area. Woohoo!

Old blotchy in the Murramarang National Park.

We will probably do this quick outing once a year or just whenever we feel like stopping while passing through this way.